Summer Camp

No matter which camp a child attends, it is full of wholesome fun, high energy, and challenge to do your best.  Life lessons are all inculcated into daily in a manner pleasing to God's call to model Mary's perfect discipleship. Activities are all centered on doing the skill well, but with concern for the community and playing fair and with integrity. 

boy on horse good form.jpg

Day Camp

New in 2017, the day camp kids ride horses, shoot bows and arrows, .22 rifles, swim, kayak, and craft. All of this will occur in a fun and active day camp setting. Each day will also include morning prayer and mass twice in the week.  Lunch is provided, with campers playing a part in its preparation. After lunch, campers will take a short break and rest, but will be "off to the activities" for the completion of the day. 

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Boys Camp

Boys Camp is fast-paced from the wake up bell to til "the day is done, gone the sun." Going to activities such as horseback riding, swimming, kayaking, wood shop, discovery, archery, and riflery leaves time for fishing, fossil hunting, ga-ga ball, tether ball, soccer, and many other non-traditional games. Evening Campfires, Mass, morning and evening prayer and Marianist Moments round out the perfect day at Tecaboca.

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Girls Camp...2018!

Eighty one years after the first Marianist Boys Camp was held in the Hill Country, we are ready to launch a Girls Camp! Plans are in the works to create a camp with many of the best assets that have grown over the years at Boys' Camp, but geared particularly to girls. Our Lady will be integral to the camp, and we like to think would have loved to attend Tecaboca Girls' Camp! In July, 2018, girls will make history at Tecaboca!