About Boys Camp

The bedrock of Boys Camp is the emphasis on “Esto Vir” … be a Godly Man by exhibiting …. Leadership, Honesty, Integrity, Humility, Fortitude, Loyalty, Obedience, and living in a Spirit of Service.

One Week Base Camp, 2nd-5th graders

Two Week Base Camp, 2nd-6th graders  

Boys live in a small cabin group of eight boys and two counselors. This group forms an important part of a boy’s stay, as he attends many activities, participates in challenges, and camps out under the stars with them.

Remuda Camp, Vaqueros 5th-8th graders

The Remuda Camp has as their primary activity getting to know about horses and other barnyard animals, increasing riding skills, and developing a day to day understanding of caring for animals. Boys live in a covered “shed,” much like the open air line shacks where cowboys lived in the past. Of course, these boys are not left out of other camp activities, and enjoy a well-rounded camp experience with evening activities with camp teams, the very popular cowboy night, and campfires with all of the other boys.

Outpost Camp, 7th-9th graders

Boys live in tent units, with up to 3 boys in a wall tent set on a platform; up to five tents are in a unit, with two counselors in each unit. These groups cook many of their meals outdoors and plan their own activities, both with the Main Camp group and on their own.

 Ranger and C.I.T. Programs, 10th-11th graders

Boys that are invited or apply for these two programs participate in all camp activities, plus a myriad of leadership activities and camp skills building.