Summer Camp

Fun and Friendship should define every summer camp. Add in the ingredient of our summer camp core values, and you have Tecaboca. Whether it's the Day Camp for Boys and Girls, or the resident camp for Boys, or the future Girls Camp, the summer camp core values of Leadership, Honesty, Integrity, Humility, Fortitude, Loyalty, Obedience, and Spirit of Service is woven throughout everyday life at Camp. What you see when you are at Camp is a community working to enjoy the outdoors, laugh with each other, support each other, and learn to see God in everything - from the abundant nature surrounding us, to the interactions between individuals.

Registration for 2017 is now closed. Please check back in September for information about Boys' Camp and our NEW Girls' Camp in summer 2018!

Day Camp

New in 2017, the Day Camp for Boys and Girls starts at Tecaboca each morning at 8:45 a.m., or between 7:30 a.m. and 8:15 a.m (depending on location) with pickup in Kerrville, Ingram, Harper, or Fredericksburg for a ride to camp. Day Campers ( boys and girls that will be in grades 1-6 next school year) swim, ride horses, kayak, play games, shoot rifles, bows and arrows, and discover nature, in a program that has Marianist Catholic values, spirit, and community woven throughout. Day Campers will celebrate the Eucharist twice during the week, and will  participate in morning prayer on other days.

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Boys Camp

Esto Vir defines the day-to-day life of Boys' Camp. To us, "Esto Vir" means to be a Godly Man, who strives to live the life of leadership, honesty, integrity, humility, fortitude, with a Spirit of Service. Every bit of activity time, meal time, rest time, and reflection time, are intentionally formed to promote these behaviors. 

Base Camp

Base Camp is the near the center of the Pavilion Area, where boys live in cabins of 6-10 boys with two counselors. The 2nd-6th graders live in this unit, with a bathhouse,  first aide station, and dining area close-at-hand. Base Campers go to activities as either cabin groups, or in pairs, depending on the age-group. 

Outpost Camp - Hillside

Seventh through ninth graders occupy a great spot on the side of a hill, on decks with wall tents, and a "kitchen deck" where they prepare many of their meals. This community plans their days as a group, learning to make decisions as a team, planning to move around through activities as individuals on some days, and planning for group activities other days. The Hillside Unit is rustic, with no electricity, and no plumbing...boys use a latrine (that is cleaned daily, and emptied weekly) and an area bathhouse for showers. 

Outpost Camp - Remuda

Fifth through eighth grade boys who have an interest in ranch life should sign up for Outpost Remuda unit! Horseback riding, tending to chickens, goats, and sheep and the camp garden are enough to keep these boys busy, but they also jump into camp activities with the other boys each day! Boys live in a "line shack" shelter, with a latrine (that is cleaned daily, and emptied weekly) , and shower in area bath houses.