Learning and Growing in the Outdoors

Elementary schools, middle, and high schools can all find a purposeful opportunity at Tecaboca. Schools can choose from day programs, overnight, or over several nights; schools may choose a purely academic experience, retreat, or challenge and team building...or a combination! Tecaboca will tailor make an experience for your school or home school group. Call us to make a plan!


Outdoor Education

Tecaboca staff will tailor make a curriculum that fits into your school's needs. Activities are all hands-on, experiential, and include positive social/emotion learning woven throughout the activities. Tecaboca offers a multitude of opportunities for geology, aquatic biology, wildlife habitat and adaptations, and plant ecology. Tecaboca practices and models positive land management practices. 


Challenge Course

The Tecaboca Challenge Program is multi-dimensional,  with initiative games that can be part of an Outdoor Education day as one of the stations, or can be a full day of challenge and team buildingwith games, low elements, climbing wall, zip line, and new elements coming this Spring. The Challenge Course is a great way for teams and groups to bond, learn more about being supportive, and accept challenge with support from others.

School Retreats

Schools may choose retreat activities as their primary focus for their time at Tecaboca, or intersperse them with Outdoor Education or Challenge activities. Activities are focused on "Vox Dei," hearing God's Voice in the many ways it can be heard...through games, skits, or reflection. The natural world's gifts are a critical part of the message. Prayer and Mass are all integral to all school retreats. 

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