Advent Family Retreat.

Through fun and laughter, your family will re-consider the Advent Journey and what it means for your family and for those in your community.

Activities include free time and activities with your family and time with “peer” groups. The beautiful space at Tecaboca makes it easy to enjoy, relax, disconnect from the your busy lives, and connect to family. Come join other families working to keep Christ present - you’ll be glad you did! Family Fun baking cookies, puppet shows, hayrides, and more!

Cost for this retreat: $100 per person 8 and over; $40 per person 2-7; under 2 are free. The maximum a family will pay is $400. This fee includes all activities, housing, and meals.

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Housing, Meals, Snacks, Chapel, and the Team

All of the family programs are housed in the Main House, a large, two story retreat house. The rooms sleep two-four people and families are housed in rooms adjacent to each other; sometimes very young children sleep on a cot in the parent’s room. There are two bathrooms available for each gender, with two toilet stalls, a sink, and a shower in each. Please note that this house is heated in winter, but not air conditioned during summer. each room has a ceiling fan, box fan, and the building has an attic fan. While the house does heat up during the usual Texas day time heat, the night temperatures are generally around 76 degrees.

Meals and Snacks: Meals are eaten in the heated and air conditioned dining hall, with some meals eaten as families, and others mingled with new found friends at the retreat or camp. The meals are basic “camp” fare…nothing fancy, but hardy food. We can accommodate some food allergies, but we ask families to bring food for exceptional food allergies. Families take turns cleaning up of dishes after each meal.

Chapel: the heated and air conditioned chapel is the site of many of the group sessions and Mass. The Holy Eucharist is celebrated at least twice during each retreat or camp. Morning and Evening Prayer are both an integral part of the programs, and are often enjoyed outdoors.

The Retreat and Camp Teams: consist of Lay and Religious Marianists dedicated to strengthening family bonds and offering family faith formation that include fun, laughter, prayer, and relaxation. 

Housing is in the Main House, in private rooms, and bathrooms and showers on the same hallway.