Mary in My Mirror: Living Mary in Everyday Life

Women’s Retreat

November 2-4, 2018

The retreat begins at 6:30 p.m. on Friday and ends at noon on Sunday.

Our reflection in a mirror can be a reflection of Mary, Our Blessed Mother, in ways that you may have never considered. What kind of surrender did Mary make to become the Mother of Jesus? We may find that in our everyday lives, in the ordinary, we are extraordinary – like Mary was when she said the most important “yes” ever said. This retreat will lead women in an      examination of our lives yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and how to give “our thoughts, our service to one another, our affections and loves, our words, our intellect, our waking, working, and sleeping, our ordinary human joys and sorrows to God.” Our mission is to echo and reflect Mary in our own mirror.

$125 per person

A single room may be requested, and an additional $50 will be charged.

Retreatants choose their own roommates upon arrival.

Rooms have a sink.  Four bathrooms with sink, toilet, and shower are available in the same hallway as the rooms.